UK Universities virtual Fair Uruguay

Study, learn, achieve 26th - 30th November 2018

Take a look at the opening of the fair in Montevideo

The Virtual Fair in Uruguay was the first ever UK University Fair in the country and the first Virtual University Fair in South America. It was an outsounding success as the UK Universities that took part were and are still being published to thousands of potential students. This fair shows the potential in Uruguay and that there is an appetite to study in the UK and the fact that there is a UK University Fair now opens up the opportunity of this market which has been dominated by the United States for 50 years.

Below are some statistics and infographics we would like to share with you from the fair. The data period consists of 28 days period around the fair from the promotion the week before, the fair itself and the weeks preceding the fair when the content was republished.

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The success of the Virtual Fair and the presentations made by UK Universities cannot be understated, with this event the first event of its kind in Uruguay to achieve these figures is a great success and a testament to the attraction of UK higher education.



The average figures for the presentations made by UK Universities are excellent, especially when considering that the latest UNESCO figures show only 64 students chose to study in the UK. The reach, views, interactions and users vastly outnumber this, as for the first time UK institutions have made a concerted effort to the region and the numbers show that there are many people interested in studying in the UK when given the opportunity to learn more about studying and living in the UK.

One university presented in person during the Virtual Fair to an audience of 30 people in person and with 226 views on Facebook Live. We also had over 10 alumni giving presentations about the Universities that they enroled at and their experience of living and studying in the UK.

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