Reach Latin America and conquer hearts and souls

The Latin American Market is significantly under-represented in UK universities, as Latin students make up just 1.3% (5,675 places) of non-UK students in 2015-16, this represents a 0.1% increase from the 2006-07 figures.


There is currently a declining trend over this period in the flow of students to UK universities from Europe (32.3% to 29.1%), India (6.7% to 3.8%) and Africa (9.5% to 7.7%) means that the Latin American Market is a fertile recruitment ground for UK universities.


Sources: Universities UK and HESA

Consultancy and market research

Our mission is to facilitate the learning experience and to forge links between UK universities and Latin American institutions and students.

We are a small team of marketing, advertising, social media and PR experts in higher education services, supporting UK based Universities with research, lead generation, social media management, PR and creative campaigns in the Latin American market. 

Inbound marketing; content development

Our services make sure all information, events and social pages are engaging, noticeable, vibrant and credible for the Latin American market. We interpret, translate and create to proactively increase audience reach as well as managing SEO and AdWords in both Spanish and Portuguese.

Social and community management

We produce blog content and manage social media posts in a format designed solely to deliver students into UK Universities.


PR, CRM, events and networking

Our approach at Knowmads centres around the fact that managing a competitive social presence is a matter of understanding and interpreting cultural differences, which can be very expensive, time-consuming and difficult. ​

We connect, foster understanding and help to increase enrolment at a fraction of the cost it would take for more traditional methods of travelling to the region and standing up in crowded university fairs for hours surrounded by your competitors. 

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